Chicken Taco Soup (Crock Pot)

I just got a request to “resend that email about the crockpot taco soup” so I thought why not share it with you all?  Chicken Taco Soup is light on your wallet, waistline, and watch!  Take 10 minutes prep time before work and it is ready by the time you get home! To quote my husband, “Out of a 1-10 scale, this meal is a 10.” Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

This is not your Average Flapjack… sweet potatoes turn a popular breakfast item into a delicious and beautiful dish.  You’ll be sure to win a few ooh’s and aah’s from your breakfast patrons due to the subtle sweetness and brilliant orange color of these Sweet Potato Pancakes.  I like serving this dish for a brunch gathering since the batter can be made ahead of time in just 30 minutes and the cooking  time is half of that. 

Homemade Black Bean Sliders

Burger/Hot dog season is here, and while I love me some beef, I wanted to venture into something a little different this Summer.  By no means does this replicate a meat patty, but the Black Bean Burger is full of flavor and gentler on the waist line. Inspired by Duffy’s version, interpreted from a few other recipes, and approved by Amanda, my vegetarian expert. Enjoy 🙂