Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Easy and unique dinner idea!  I’m adjusting the ingredients for a 4 serving portion (I only made 3 this time around).  You can also get creative with the filler.  I did this recipe with some Mexican flair, but you can change it up to whatever your tastebuds may be craving.  Italian perhaps- Ground meat, tomato sauce,  bread crumbs, and Mozzarealla/Parmesan?!?

Slow Cooked Chicken Chili

I wasn’t going to post this because I thought, “this is just too easy,” but my mom was the one who strongly suggested it go up on the site.  I didn’t want to disobey, especially after watching her finish off a second serving, so here it is.  A super simple Chicken Chili, that is just the right thing to gobble up after a long day. This concoction, and other variations of it, is a go to meal in our house!  Minimal effort and minimal clean up makes this recipe a winner – take it from me, a mom with a demanding day job who is still determined to  get dinner on the table and have enough time leftover to bathe and put my munchkin to sleep before headed to teach at the gym.  But enough about my life, go enhance yours with some delicious, nutritious chili 🙂

Chickpea Burgers with Avocado Ranch Sauce

Once again, it was time to experiment with a ‘no meat’ meal and the results were some of the best I’ve had in a long while.  I am not the first to come up with a “Chickpea Burger” recipe, but this type of concoction is not very common. I’ve seen restaurants make veggie burgers from black beans, beets, and other vegetarian friendly combinations, but never have I seen the underrated garbanzo bean star in a patty.   If you try this burger, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is menu worthy (whether it be in your kitchen or restaurants nationwide).  It is meaty and filling and the flavors were bursting, yet not one was overpowering.  I was a bit surprised by how much I loved this chick pea burger considering I am not a huge falafel fan.  Nonetheless, my meat loving husband, my best vegetarian friend, and I unanimously decided that this meal should be repeated sooner than later.  The Avocado Ranch Sauce was a great topping for the burger (and also a great dipping sauce for the baked zucchini fries)!

Melt in your Mouth Mahi Mahi

A nicely cut piece of fish can turn into a fancy looking dinner without much effort. There is just something about how a delicate filet of fish lays on the plate that makes the meal appear to be a little more classy.  For this particular dinner, I used beautiful portions of Mahi Mahi (also known as Dolphin- the fish, not the “Flipper” kind) that we purchased from a local market on sale.  And by sale, I mean steal, for just $4.99/lb- a terrific price for fresh fish from our local waters.  This meal was so tasty (and healthy and affordable) that I vowed to my husband that once a week we would eat whatever fresh fish was on sale for the week… and if it turns out as good as this meal, ya know I’ll be sharing it with you as well!

Broccoli Casserole II

I’m not sure what took me so long to finally make one of my favorite preparations of broccoli, but just this afternoon, I asked my mom how she makes her casserole and hours later, we were enjoying it for dinner.  Had I known how easy it really is to make, I probably would have been serving this side dish for years.  The simplicity of its ingredients and preparation make it a no brainer and the added bonus is that it is low in fat, while still nutritious.  This recipe works well with cauliflower too!

Breaded Pork Chops with Creamy Lemon Sauce (Low Fat)

Pork Chops make a cameo in my kitchen every few weeks and I love coming up with creative ways to enjoy them.  Because the meat adapts well to flavors of all sorts, I feel free to get a little adventurous with them.  Tonight, I was in the mood for something lemony, but wanted to keep it savory also.  So I went with a light breading for the chops matched with a creamy lemon sauce.  I knew I could nail the pork chops, but was concerned about the sauce… it turned out to be a great innovation. There was no frying or heavy cream, yet each bite of this dish still had a rich delicousness to it.

Oven Baked Chicken Nuggets

As we get ready for another season of football to get underway, it’s the perfect time to post a great snack to enjoy on gameday.  These Chicken Nuggets are simple to prepare and are a much healthier alternative to the ones you would pick up from a fast food joint or the freezer section at the market.  They taste fresh, moist, and have that crunchy coating that everyone loves.  In less than 30 minutes, you can have a plate full of these delicious bites that won’t last long!  You can get creative with them too like adding a little cayenne pepper to the breading.  Sometimes we like to eat them buffalo style with ranch and celery on the side 🙂

Oreo Crispy Treats

If you’re in need of a delicious dessert that doesn’t take up much of your time or require baking, I’ve got the one for you!  This recipe is pretty well circulated around the web, so you may have seen it before, but if not… you’re in for a treat, literally!   The best way to describe these Oreo Crispy Treats are Rice Krispie Treats where crushed up Oreos are used in place of the cereal.  They are amazingly good and actually fat free…. as long as you don’t eat them 😉   While they are far from healthy, they are worth every calorie!  All you need is 3 ingredients and about 15 minutes to these get treats done!

Balsamic Chicken Pizza

The plan was to eat leftover grilled chicken for dinner, but in the back of my mind, I knew my husband wasn’t so enthused about this.  Fortunately for us, during an impromptu stroll through Walmart, I discovered uncooked pizza dough in their bakery section (I must admit the $.88 price intrigued me to pick up the packaged blob and toss it in the cart).   My wheels started turning on how to use it- I knew I had that dreaded leftover chicken, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes at home, along with a cabinet full of spices and goodies, so I grabbed a red onion and the rest was history… 

This recipe was great because it gave me a chance to play with my Misto cans filled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!  (If you don’t know what a misto can is, check them out here)