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Lab coats, liquid filled test tubes, and a clouds of white smoke.   We must have walked into a science lab right? Wrong!  We’ve just entered Nitro Yogurt , a place where you can go to your frozen treat fix. That’s right, there’s a new cool way to get your fro-yo. While store fronts continue to fill up with self serve yogurt dispensers and topping bars, Nitro Yogurt offers a completely different experience.

Highly recommended it came, so we gave it a try and my "O-Piñon" on Piñon Grill is also a positive one. A beautiful façade matched with a luxurious interior, allow this classy, Southwest inspired restaurant to fit in with the neighboring, prestigious Boca Town Center Mall.  The exterior of the building displays a naturally sophisticated look, which continues as you enter through the oversized double doors.

What's the coolest hot spot in all of Fort Lauderdale?  Tundra, of course.  The arctic themed scenery defines this new Las Olas locale as the cool place to be (literally), but you can leave your parka at home- while there are ice carvings displayed throughout the dining areas, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.  Its cozy interior (aka limited seating) portrays an earthy, modernized lodge housing a series of oversized, icicle-shaped chandeliers that are the focal point of the room.  A full bar (complete with a specialty drink menu) invites those who want to enjoy a cocktail, and perhaps a bite to make themselves comfortable.  The covered patio out front accommodates many more guests and is tastefully adorned with black chandeliers, chic lighting, and ice sculptures.

Trendy décor, upbeat music, and fusion fare is what the Downtown Delray eateries are known for- and is everything that Sundy House is not. Just a couple of blocks away from “the scene,” lies a completely different kind of scene- a large, Victorian style house surrounded by lush landscapes. The tropical gardens, the freshwater ponds, and the tranquil ambiance create a romantic setting that will make any heart melt. Quiet tables for two sprinkled along the outdoor pathway are perfect for wooing your first date or the one you are celebrating years of togetherness with. But don’t think it’s a place just for couples. For our last dining experience, we had the magic number, eight, scoring us the most magnificent outdoor table, underneath a private gazebo (which my friends thought I set up- so I may have taken a little credit for it). There is no limit to how many you can dine with at Sundy House. As a matter of fact, it is a popular place for people to host their special occasions, from milestone birthdays to full out weddings. The property is ideal no matter what time of year you are planning your event because the indoor dining areas are (almost) as nice as the outdoor grounds, including the Warhol room, which doubles as an art gallery.

Just a couple hundred miles north of Cuba, you will find one of the best places to get authentic dishes that the island is known for. Padrino's Cuban Cuisine (Boca Raton, FL), cooks up homestyle recipes that have been with the Padrino family for generations. Their flavors are spot on, the quality of the food is consistently good, and you will always leave feeling satisfied (and full, like a good Cuban meal should do to you).

For one of my birthday celebrations, the husband and I planned on going out for a romantic dinner so, we got dressed to impress and headed to Michelle Bernstein's (Palm Beach, FL), located inside the Omphoy Hotel. Before I get to the dinner part, I must note that the property itself, which sits directly on the beach, is lovely. The boutique hotel's interior emits a warmth through its dim lighting and dark color scheme. It mixes a modern look with sophistication. I felt glamorous walking up the staircase that led into O-Bar, the posh lounge where you can socialize while enjoying cocktails and small plates. We skipped right over the lounge and continued up the second, smaller set of stairs to the restaurant.

I have been to the Dubliner Irish Pub on a number of different occasions, but it's usually been to enjoy some adult beverages and let loose while listening to live, local bands jam out. Well, after my last experience, where the night began with dinner, I will definitely be making it a point to eat at this Irish Pub more often.

I have been to many Mexican joints far from the border, close to the border, and actually across the border and can declare that my #1 choice for where to eat Comfort Mexican Food is La Bamba (South Florida). I added the word "Comfort" in there because there are some authentic Mexican meals that I have enjoyed unavailable at La Bamba (i.e. Fresh Ceviche served ocean side), but when it comes to the meat, cheese, beans, and some kind of tortilla combination, they are spot on. There are 5 different locations, all within an hour radius of my house, and I have been to all but one of them over the last 20 years. I don't actually have a favorite one because they all offer the same thing-consistency. It's always a casual, family friendly environment, with the Mexican and Spanish meals tasting the same each time and adequate service (nothing over the top, but they get the job done).

This "brunch" post feels like I'm cheating a little because McAlister's is not what you would consider a place for your traditional type of brunch, but I cannot deny one of my most favorite places the chance to shine in the spotlight. Unfortunately for us here in South Florida, there is no McAlister's to be had (however I do encourage anyone with $500k+ who is looking for a smart investment to open one immediately down here), so when I get into a city that has one of these fine deli establishments, I make it a point to dine there at least once. This past weekend, while visiting my Alma Mater (Go Gators), I ate not once, but twice at the very location that I first fell in love with McAlister's (Gainesville, FL).

Buffet style dining isn't typically the way I choose to enjoy a meal, but every now and again there is a wonderland of food that I develop a crush on. This time it happened in Los Angeles, at Cafe Sierra. This restaurant is located inside of a major hotel, adjacent to a major amusement park, but it does not make you feel like you are in a tourist trap. There is a fine quality of food and the selection has the same if not more variety than the grandest ones in Vegas, the Buffet Mecca of the world!

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