30 for 30

Recently, I was getting in touch with my country side listening to a local radio station and Tim McGraw's "In my next thirty years" came on and it got me to thinking.  I am about to turn 30 and this is one of those milestone times in life where a self evaluation makes sense. The last 3 decades have been full of personal achievements, ranging from learning to tie my shoes to marrying my best friend. I could probably come up with hundreds of accomplishments, big and small, since my world premier in 1981 and without sounding completely egotistic, I am proud of the person I have become and the path that I have taken to get here. I'd like to continue on this journey, so I decided to compile a "30 for 30" list, which includes a number of things that I would like to achieve between now and my 60th birthday.

I have had a great time coming up with this "Wake Up List" and encourage you to do the same thing, regardless of how old you are. I didn't just throw my list together- I actually started it a few weeks ago and every now and again, I would come up with a new idea and add it to the list. I even did some consulting with a few others who gave me some good insight. So here it is, my 30 for 30.

  1. Have an item on a menu named after me
  2. Do a pull up
  3. Be a contestant on a game show
  4. Give birth
  5. Speak Spanish fluently
  6. Become a fitness instructor
  7. Take a family photo in front of a glacier
  8. Cruise the Mediterranean
  9. Be a parent volunteer
  10. Get published
  11. Walk through the Old City Market in Charleston, SC
  12. Have my own herb garden
  13. Go to a Lady Gaga concert
  14. Learn Photography
  15. Dive
  16. Tour Chehalem winery
  17. Go to a World Cup Futbol match
  18. Hit a royal flush
  19. Start a charity
  20. Climb a volcano
  21. Dine at French Laundry
  22. Surf
  23. Go on a safari
  24. Ride a gondola in Venice
  25. Win a bingo jackpot
  26. Retire
  27. Eat sushi in Japan
  28. Adopt a pet
  29. Renew vows in Vegas (25th Wedding Anniversary)
  30. Fly in a helicopter

I am keeping track of my list on Wakeuplist.com, a site I stumbled upon that has good intentions and is free and easy to use.

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