What’s the coolest hot spot in all of Fort Lauderdale?  Tundra, of course.  The arctic themed scenery defines this new Las Olas locale as the cool place to be (literally), but you can leave your parka at home- while there are ice carvings displayed throughout the dining areas, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.  Its cozy interior (aka limited seating) portrays an earthy, modernized lodge housing a series of oversized, icicle-shaped chandeliers that are the focal point of the room.  A full bar (complete with a specialty drink menu) invites those who want to enjoy a cocktail, and perhaps a bite to make themselves comfortable.  The covered patio out front accommodates many more guests and is tastefully adorned with black chandeliers, chic lighting, and ice sculptures.

The mission of Tundra is to have diners embark on a culinary adventure experiencing the divine food and the exceptional service of the hospitable staff.  The global menu, developed by the talented Executive Chef, Bryan Lamblin, includes plates of all sizes and each dish is comprised of fine ingredients paired with one another to create epicurean masterpieces.  There is a recommended “tour” that allows for guests to taste over a dozen petite servings of the menu’s offerings at a reasonably, fixed price.

I am personally looking forward to doing “The Tundra Tour” on my next visit, as my previous two visits have involved more of a liquid intake, especially at the Grand Opening party.  I can tell you however, that based on the limited menu items I have tried (like the Pepper Seared Salmon and Potato Leak Pancakes that I loved so much), Tundra has found itself a new fan and I am sure you will become one too as soon as you visit this “chill” place.

Reservations are accepted and required when participating in the taste tour.

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