Trendy décor, upbeat music, and fusion fare is what the Downtown Delray eateries are known for- and is everything that Sundy House is not. Just a couple of blocks away from “the scene,” lies a completely different kind of scene- a large, Victorian style house surrounded by lush landscapes. The tropical gardens, the freshwater ponds, and the tranquil ambiance create a romantic setting that will make any heart melt. Quiet tables for two sprinkled along the outdoor pathway are perfect for wooing your first date or the one you are celebrating years of togetherness with. But don’t think it’s a place just for couples. For our last dining experience, we had the magic number, eight, scoring us the most magnificent outdoor table, underneath a private gazebo (which my friends thought I set up- so I may have taken a little credit for it). There is no limit to how many you can dine with at Sundy House. As a matter of fact, it is a popular place for people to host their special occasions, from milestone birthdays to full out weddings. The property is ideal no matter what time of year you are planning your event because the indoor dining areas are (almost) as nice as the outdoor grounds, including the Warhol room, which doubles as an art gallery.

I’ve painted the picture of what you will see, but let’s move on to what you will taste. Sundy House is famed for their Sunday Brunch. It is an all-inclusive, buffet style meal, so you will need to do some hunting and gathering at the various stations to fill your plate(s). If walking the food line isn’t your ideal situation, Sundy House will change your mind. There is are a ton of variety from traditional breakfast fare, including made-to-order omelets, to meat carving stations. To list everything available would create a lengthy paragraph in itself, so I will just say that about every hot and cold Brunch food item you could imagine is available, finished off with an elaborate dessert bar. And all of the wonderful food tastes that much better while sipping on your unlimited Mimosa or Bloody Mary.

The deliciousness doesn’t end in the afternoon. Dinner is served daily (except Mondays) and offers an exquisite menu. There is truly something for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian gal or a “meat and potatoes” kinda guy. I say this because our group ordered from both ends of the spectrum. Of everything we tasted, the two dishes I enjoyed most were the Baked Hummus Cake (a Vegetarian entrée that doubles as a great shared appetizer) and the Wild Boar Tenderloin (perfectly paired with our Cab choice). The plate presentations were done with elegance and portrayed passion from the kitchen. The charisma for the food radiates through the service as well. Dinner service can be thought of as providing a leisurely dining experience, while the servers during brunch seem to be more attentive (but then again, they are only responsible for clearing plates and filling glasses). 

Sundy House is in a league of its own combining an atmosphere unmatched by any of its surrounding neighbors and lovely cuisine. The price point is high, but so is the feeling you will have after your experience. If Sundy House isn’t in your precinct, plan a little getaway- the property includes a boutique hotel with cozy cottages for your stay. Visit the Sundy House website to make reservations for your meal, your stay, or both.  And if you’re in tune with online dining offers, be on the look out for Sundy House, they participate! Our dinner group was accommodated very nicely using the discounts we each had.

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