So this morning I noticed a few of my Facebook friends “liked” a page called “Crock Pot Girls.”  Being a slow cooker advocate myself, I thought I’d check it out.  I was quite impressed to see that the page had close to 700,000 fans.  I figured this Crock Pot Girls page has been around a while to attract so many people… WRONG!! They started this page 2 weeks ago and have had a killer response.  The Flavor Appraiser in me was filled with envy and complete shock.  How did three unknown ladies, who now call themselves the “Crock Pot Girls,” get to be so popular in such a short amount of time?

I started to do a little searching on their background and really, there’s not much to be had.  I learned that they are three women from Texas whose descriptions sound “All American” (moms, teachers, church goers).  But of course there are already stories claiming that this is all a wise tactic stirred up by an affiliate marketer.  This appears to be easier to believe than the original version- a trio of women, who love their crock pots, woke up on an August morning, started a Facebook page, and were taken in by close to a million people.  The flip side to this is that if this really is an ingenious plan thought of by a marketing guru, then wouldn’t they have made sure the website was totally functional and ready to handle the insane amount of traffic they are receiving?  As a developer of a website revolving around the love of food- I’d like to believe that the Crock Pot Girls may have struck a (crock)pot of gold!

Either way, the success of the Crock Pot Girls fan page on Facebook is quite a phenomenon! What a great way for everyone to exchange recipes that utilizes one of the greatest kitchen appliances ever created!