Since my NYC weekend trip, which included an itinerary full of good eats, was canceled due to the “mean Irene,” I am resorting to reliving a great meal through a review of one of the city’s greatest brunch spots, The Smith. I am giving The Smith such props not because I am an expert on restaurants in Manhattan, but rather due to its popularity and overall positive criticisms. Its location in the East Village is full of life, and during Sunday brunch, full of people! The crowd certainly creates an upbeat atmosphere within the walls of the industrially decorated dining area. The fun vibe is a perfect match for the brunch menu, which offers a bunch of unique dishes that won’t leave your palette bored.

The vast selection of food items, along with the restaurant’s large seating capacity is inviting to groups of all sizes (which is not the case in many other NYC brunch locations). The servers are friendly and attentive and the kitchen staff does a fine job of getting the orders out in a timely fashion. And what comes out of The Smith’s kitchen, is lovely to look at and even better to taste!

Amongst all of The Smith’s brunch dishes I have tasted, my favorite is the Potato Waffle Benedict, a trio of poached eggs served on top of waffle shaped latkes covered with a creamy spinach hollandaise. While this entrée is not exactly the healthiest way to get your serving of leafy greens, its heavy components create a perfect blend of flavors and textures. You can enjoy this benedict (or any of the other menu options) along with a “brunchy” cocktail that comes included – just make sure it’s after 12pm ’cause the law says you gotta wait to enjoy the boozy beverage. If you’re there before the clock strikes noon, you can hold out enjoying their complimentary sparkling water (yep, it’s free).

The Smith is an ideal spot for brunch goers who want a decent meal at a decent price and don’t mind a little extra background noise during their meal. Rumor has it there’s a second location opening, but until then, make your way to the East Village for a satisfying Sunday brunch at The Smith.